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Lacuna Method - Fungal Nail Treatment. LACUNACOVER

Simple, Effective Treatment for Fungal Nails


Lacuna Method - Fungal Nail Treatment. Fungal Nail

Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal Nail Infections are caused by the dermatophyte fungi that naturally live on our skin. Wen trauma to the nail occurs, i.e. micro trauma from footwear, the fungi can invade under the nail plate. In the moist warm environment of socks and shoes the fungi thrive, causing damage, thickening and discolouration to the nail. This most commonly affects the big toes; however, all nails are vulnerable.
Treatment is notoriously difficult as the nail plate acts as a barrier, shielding the area.

Lacuna Method - Fungal Nail Treatment. How do I know Fungal

How do I know if I have Fungal Nails

You may have noticed changes in texture, quality and colour of your nails. Sometimes it is noticed after nail varnish or gels hav been removed. Typical first signs are a yellowing or brown discolouration. Nails may become thick, crumbly or brittle. Nails can become distorted, misshapen and may lift from the nail bed losing their healthy shine.

Lacuna Method - Fungal Nail Treatment. Lamisil

What is the Lacuna Method TM?

The Lacuna Method is a treatment for fungal nails which involves drilling multiple micro holes through the nail plate, this allows an antifungal solution such as Lamisil at 1% Terbinofine Hydrochloride Spray to be transported to the area of infection (the nail bed) directly. I will the advise you on the frequency and duration of the application of the spray. Pressure applied to the toe when walking will aid to spread the medicament under the nail.
As the nail is ‘dead’ the holes remain and will grow out naturally. Review appointments are recommended on average every 6 weeks, however, this may vary and I will advise you of this.
This is a relatively new treatment and although short term studies have been very encouraging, no treatment an be guaranteed to be 100% successful.

Lacuna Method - Fungal Nail Treatment. How can Lacuna Help

How can Lacuna Method help me?

Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis) is the most difficult of the superficial fungal infections to treat, as most topical agents are ineffective at penetrating the nail plate to reach the active infection on the nail bed (the skin under the nail). By making micro holes in the nail plate with the innovative and specially designed micro burrs, I (your foot specialist) will then apply an anti-fungal agent, such as Lamisil spray directly into the nail bed. This will spread under the nail as you walk. With daily application of the anti-fungal agent, the fungus is stopped from spreading and the damaged nail grows out. As the nail is dead, you cannot feel the holes being made.


Nail Fungus Signs
- Thickened nails
- Crumbly or Brittle nails
- Distorted in Shape or lifting
- White, Yellow or Brown coloured nails
- Nails without a healthy shine

Lacuna Method for Fungal Nails is:
- Pain free, safe treatment
- Making micro holes in the nail plate allow an anti-fungal medicine to reach the point of infection directly under the nail.
- Continued once a day application of an antifungal allows the nail to grow out healthy.



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